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A denture is removable appliance that is worn over the gums to replace missing natural teeth.
Dentures are made from lifelike resin or porcelain teeth bonded to an acrylic or chrome base.
Dentures improve chewing ability and speech, and provide support for facial muscles filling out your face and improving confidence.
A full denture replaces all your upper or lower natural teeth and a partial denture replaces one or a few teeth and may be held in place by metal or resin clips.

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As with natural teeth, keeping your mouth clean and brushing morning and evening is just as important to prevent tooth decay and gum disease. Denture-cleaning tablets and solutions can also be used to remove stains or bacteria.

Denture Adhesive:

No matter how well dentures have been made to fit, they may not provide the same strong, biting surface as natural teeth. An adhesive can help prevent pieces of food getting stuck between the denture and gums, so a wider range of food can be enjoyed