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Dental implants are artificial roots that serve as a replacement for missing teeth. An implant can have a crown on top or be used to secure a denture. It is the closest thing to your original tooth in sensation and function.

Advantages of Implants:

  • Feel like your own teeth
  • Never decay
  • Restore proper chewing and full strength of your bite
  • Excellent appearance
  • Very long lifespan (95% of implants still function well after 10 years)
  • Conservative treatment – no damage to adjacent teeth

What's involved?

Implants are placed into the bone in your mouth with a small surgical procedure. This is usually easier than having a tooth removed. The implant is allowed heal for a period of time (2 - 4 months) to allow settling and produce a stable foundation for the artificial tooth/teeth on the implant so that the finished product looks and feels just like natural teeth.

20170808 implant sequence